Official screenshot

This is the reference image I use as demonstration.

It’s taken from VisiPics v1.10


Algorithm demonstration

A typical test of the comparison algorithm:

  • Each picture is looking alike
  • They are all black and white, giving few informations
  • But they are all different! (it’s sometimes not obvious because VisiPics filter them)

See how VisiPics manages to find which ones are pairs, and which ones are not.

Different resolutions

Flowers photos of different resolutions:

  • Some are 100×75 (thumbnails)
  • Originals are between 400×300 and 500×400

Those look like almost exact similars, VisiPics detect them easily.

Similar pictures

VisiPics sometimes digs interesting pictures when set loose (to allow greater differences).

Two marvelous sunsets, similar, but not the same photo. Which one is your preferred?